Position Name Phone Email Address email
President Erin Guth 630-921-9898 emguth4@gmail.com email
President Kim Peters 630-241-2550 steveandkimpeters@yahoo.com email
Vice President Debbie Kartsounes 630-988-0485 kartsounes@yahoo.com email
Vice President Joanna Matthies 630-514-4551 joanna@matthiesbuilders.com email
VP of Fundraising Nancy Cremer 630-212-6520 cremer@comcast.net email
VP of Fundraising Leah Thulin 708-932-3706 leahthulin@sbcglobal.net email
Treasurer Laurie Siebert 312-415-1011 ltwite21@gmail.com email
Treasurer Nancy Moll 903-530-6149 nancymoll2@gmail.com N/A
Secretary Amy Nemeth 312-315-8943 amyqnemeth@sbcglobal.net email
Secretary Amy Goray 630-803-2928 gorayfamily@icloud.com email
Membership Jennifer Sevcik 773-230-7251 JennySevcik@gmail.com N/A