School supply kit order link is now CLOSED.  Please check back in Spring 2018 for communications regarding 2018 - 2019 kits.
School supply kits for incoming 7th and 8th graders for the 2017–2018 school year are available for online purchase and home delivery through Shane’s Office Supplies until September 1st.
Order link:
What you need to know before ordering
  • Updated PDFs of the 2017–2018 school supply lists can be found on the left side of this screen. 
  • The majority of the supplies common to all students in the grade will be included in the kit.
  • Certain items – such as those required for foreign language and advanced math, and items commonly passed down among families – are NOT included in the kit. These are highlighted on the supply list and can be ordered a la carte.
  • These items on the list are NOT available for purchase through Shane’s:
- The 14 x 17” art pad is a specialty item for 7th graders and can be purchased through online retailers such as Amazon, or locally at Michaels on Butterfield Road near Bed Bath and Beyond.
- The assignment notebook is required and can be purchased in the 
Herrick office for $3.
- PE requirements 
   * Herrick gym uniforms are required and can be purchased at Holy Cow       Sports.  
   Holy Cow Sports, Inc. or online at: Holy Cow Online Ordering Information
   5004 Chase
   Downers Grove
   *  1 stick of deodorant (no aerosol spray)
   *  1 pair of socks (must wear every class)
   *  1 pair of supportive athletic shoes.  No skate board shoes.
   *  PLEASE leave uniform unmarked as the P.E. staff will write in the students' name.
  • Online orders are payable by credit card only and kits will be shipped directly to your home for a small shipping fee.
  • Please double check that you have purchased, or have access to, all required items. This order link will expire on September 1.
  • Questions about your individual order should be directed to Shane's Office Products: (630) 241-0995 or
Please note that this program is being offered as a service to our families and is entirely optional. If you have any questions or concerns with the process please feel free to contact a member of our Herrick PTA Board at Although we’ve done our best to avoid any foreseeable issues, thank you in advance for your patience should any problems arise!